2020-2021 NSBA School Project

Science Lab


We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to build a science lab for our students to enjoy and learn. Your help is needed to make this project a reality!

Will you consider helping us to achieve this goal?

We will complete this project in two phases:

Phase 1 Goal - $8,200 by December 31st, 2020 COMPLETED!!

Phase 2 Goal - $5,000 by December 31st, 2021

Here are the items needed to complete phase 1. We have listed them in order of importance based on the science classes for this school year. If you would like to help us purchase any of the items below, please use the "Give" link at the bottom of the page. If you would like your donation to go to a specific item, please note that in the memo on the donation site.

All donations are tax deductible.

Phase 1 Lab Items
Lab ItemTotal CostPurchased
Lab Tables (2)$1200Purchased
Metal Lab Stool 24" Black (10)$239.90Purchased
Exhaust Fan 70 CFM Ceiling Mount (2)$50.46Purchased
Eye Wash Station (1)$206.27Purchased
Gskyer Telescope (1)$259.99Purchased
Compound Microscope (3)$599.97Purchased
Hand Dynamometer (1)$109.00Purchased
EKG Sensor (1)$158.00Purchased

Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor (1)



Blood Pressure Sensor (1)



Spirometer (1)



O2 Gas Sensor (1)



Temperature Prob (2)$138.00Purchased
Magnetic Field Sensor (1)$69.00Purchased

pH Sensor (1)



Conductivity Probe (1)



Motion Detector (1)



Current Probe (1)



Voltage Probe (1)



Baromoter (1)



3ft, 27 Organ, Axis Scientific Human Muscle and Organ Model (1)$949.00Purchased
3B Bone Microanatomy Model (1)$201.50Purchased
3B Skeletal Muscle Microanatomy (1)$380.00Purchased
Axis Scientific Human Skeleton Model (1)$198.00Purchased
Altay Human Heart Model (1)$74.50Purchased

Altay Pathlogy of the Human Pancreas (1)



3B Animal Cell Model (1)



Human Tissue Microscope Slide Set (2)



Bunsen Burner (1)$25.00Purchased
Clamp, small utility or buret (1)$60.00Purchased
Standard Grade Beakers 50ml (12)$34.15Purchased
Standard Grade Beakers 250ml (12)$34.30Purchased
Standard Grade Beakers 400ml (6)$47.95


Standard Grade Glass Test Tube 15mm (24)$26.45Donated
Standard Grade Cylinder 10ml (6)$47.95Purchased
Standard Grade Cylinder 25ml (6)$50.85Purchased
Standard Grade Cylinder 100ml (2)$29.40Purchased
Standard Grade Cylinder 500ml (2)$69.30Purchased
Standard Grade Erlenmyer Flask 100ml (12)$34.15Purchased
Standard Grade Erlenmyer Flask 250ml (12)$36.75Purchased
Standard Grade Erlenmyer Flask 500ml (6)$26.40Purchased
Laboratory Aprons (10)$76.25Purchased
Lab Grade Counter Top for existing cabinet (1)$800.00Purchased