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NSBA is committed to offering the best educational experience for students at an incredible value.

NSBA Average Tuition Cost
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2024-2025 Tuition Rates



The NSBA office will automatically re-enroll all current students unless a parent/guardian has already notified the NSBA office that their child will not be returning to NSBA.

  • The NSBA office will email all parents/guardians and notify them of the automatic re-enrollment on March 25, 2024.
  • Parents/Guardians will have until April 1, 2024, to contact the NSBA office to notify of their desire to withdraw their student(s) from re-enrollment.
  • Fees will be automatically added and financial payment plans will be set up to match the 2023-2024 settings that the parent/guardian selected. If parents/guardians wish to make adjustments, they will have the opportunity to do so prior to finalizing their financial agreement.
  • A re-enrollment fee of $50 will be charged in FACTS by NSBA in April 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • Upon completing your financial contract, FACTS will charge a fee of either $55 or $25 depending on the payment plan you select. The only way to avoid this fee is to pay the year of tuition in full by the August 2024 deadline (upon which NSBA will cover the cost of the fee for you).
  • Note: Classroom space is limited, and current families have right of refusal through April 1, 2024, for their child’s current spot in the class. Beginning April 2, 2024, vacant student spots will be made available to new families for the 2024-2025 school year.

New Enrollment

Please see the Enrollment Page to submit an application for new enrollment.
  • New Student Enrollment Fee upon acceptance to NorthSide Baptist Academy - $150.


  • NSBA is committed to using the very best curriculum available for each course and at every grade level. Each year, Administration and Faculty review updated curriculum and select the best materials they can find. All materials must be rigorous, and they must reflect a biblical worldview.
  • Book fees must be paid to NSBA to cover the cost of books, student materials, teacher materials, and classroom materials for the school car.
  • All student books and materials become the property of the student/family once they are distributed. If books or materials are lost or damaged, the family is responsible for the replacement cost of those books or materials.
  • Book fee payments made by June 1, 2024, will receive a $75 discount to reflect the discount that NSBA receives for purchasing materials early for the new school year.
  • Book fees for the 2024-2025 school year:
Grades Before June 1 After June 1
Pre-K through 5th Grades:$325$400
6th through 12th Grades:$375$450


  • Tuition may be paid in full, paid in two installments (one at the beginning of each semester), or paid in 10 monthly installments.
  • Monthly installments are due on the 1st of the month, starting August 1st and concluding on May 1st.

K4 - 12th Grades

Class Yearly Tuition Monthly Tuition
K-4 & K-5 Half Day (5 days per week)$4,800.00$480.00
K-4 & K-5 Full Day$5,925.00$592.50
1st through 5th Grade$4,800.00$480.00
6th - 12th Grade$5,070.00$507.00

Multi-Child Discounts available

  • 2nd child = 10% discount
  • 3rd child = 15% discount
  • 4th child = 20% discount
  • 5th+ child = 30% discount

*This discount applies only to tuition and does not apply to any fees.

Referral Credit available

  • Families may receive a $100 referral credit by referring families to NSBA.
  • Referred families must pay the enrollment and the first full semester of tuition before the credit will be applied to the referring family's account.
  • If a family is referring a new family, they must send an email to NSBA's Head of School prior to the new family submitting an application for enrollment.

Additional Fees

Science Lab Fee

  • $50 per student per year — 6th - 12th grades

Fundraiser Fee

  • A $300 per student per school year fundraiser fee helps to keep tuition fees low.
  • This fee can be eliminated by participating in the annual NSBA fundraiser.
  • This fee can be covered in multiple ways:
    • A one-time payment due by the first day of a new school year will eliminate fundraiser involvement and further fundraising invoices for the school year.
    • A $30 monthly fundraiser fee will be added to your monthly tuition invoice.
    • Income from your student's participation in NSBA Fundraisers will be credited to his/her fundraiser fee up to $300 per school year.

Kindergarten Graduation Fee

  • $50 per student

Senior Graduation Fee

  • $75 per student

Iowa Standardized Testing Fee

  • $25 per student — K5 - 10th Grade
  • Iowa testing is an informational test that allows NSBA to assess a student's progress. This test does not determine a student's promotional status.
  • Iowa test results will be shared with parents.

Academic Testing

  • Students 3rd grade and above may be eligible to participate in competitive academic testing through the American Association of Christian Schools. This competition allows students to be tested in a variety of subjects as they compete against students in other Christian schools around the country.
  • Teachers may nominate students to participate in Academic Testing. If parents allow their students to test, the cost is $10 per test per student.

  • Additional information will be sent home at the appropriate time.

Late Fees

  • Late fees may be charged by FACTS when payments are not made in a timely manner. 
  • Please see your FACTS billing contract for policies concerning late fees.

Daily Meal Plans

Lunch menus are provided on the FACTS system. Families may order lunches in advance as they deem necessary as NSBA's office unlocks menu items. All meal plan options must be submitted and purchased by the Thursday before a new week of school begins.

Meal Plan Costs:

  • Snack $2.00
  • Lunch $4.75
  • Individual items (salad bar, cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc.) may be made available for purchase through the FACTS system as well.

Students who do not bring a lunch and do not order a lunch will be served a hot lunch and will be charged $10.00. Depending on the availability of food, this may be a lunch different than what is being served that day.

After Care

Aftercare begins at 3:50pm and ends at 5:30pm. Students must be picked up by 5:30pm.

Students will be directed to work on homework before play.

Aftercare billing options

  • Monthly Pre-bill
    • $100 per month per student. No limit on hours within the time frame.
    • Must sign up at the beginning of the year or before the start of the month.
    • Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Once aftercare is full, we cannot allow additional students to be added.

  • Monthly Allotments
    • $50 for 1 to 10 hours of care per month per student
    • $10 per hour for hours 11+ per month per student
    • Anyone left in aftercare beyond 5:30pm will be charged $1.00 per minute.
    • Aftercare is charged in hourly increments.